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Companies tagged with professional services


LegalHero is an online platform for legal services. It serves as a procurement tool for clients and as client management for lawyers.


Lexdir operates a site offering professional legal information for consumers and businesses, along with a legal news site for lawyers.


BestQuire is a law firm which has developed a way of determining which lawyers aren't just qualified as well as which ones are the best.


ZICO Law is a network of independent local law firms that provide value-added legal services for organizations and individuals to succeed.


Vaaithaa is a legal service company that serves its clients by connecting them to the attorneys at law to solve legal issues at a low cost.


ZipCourt is an online courtroom with an elegant, clean design and can handle a range of disputes.

JustResolve LLC

JustResolve delivers a fixed-fee and neutral-driven dispute resolution service for common business disputes.


Juris works on the next evolution of legal and dispute resolution services by combining people and computers.

Goodrich & Geist PC

Goodrich & Geist, P.C is a personal injury lawyer.

Jonathan G Brill Law Firm

Jonathan G Brill Law Firm is a law firm dedicated to its clients.