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Foxwordy Inc.

Foxwordy is the enterprise social collaboration platform for the legal industry. The legal industry is being transformed by increased connectivity and an emphasis on efficiency. Foxwordy is the vital digital collaboration network legal professionals need to meet the industry’s evolving standards. Foxwordy is designed to help legal professionals get more work done, faster. Foxwordy leverages a suite of breakthrough features including: Anonymity for private conversations with colleagues; Teams for grouping colleagues around specific subjects; and Clause Collaboration for sharing and editing clauses in real-time. Foxwordy’s secure, cloud-based collaboration platform is designed for law departments, law firms, legal associations, law schools and other legal industry organizations to realize the benefits of collaboration with their internal and external colleagues.

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Lawdingo helps people connect with attorneys for legal consultations over the internet. is the first website to allow consumers to search local lawyers and book a consultation instantly


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