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Explore a curated list of 2453 companies changing the way legal is done.

tech.law.stanford.edu is a curated list of legal technology companies, hosted byCodeX, the Stanford Center for Legal Informatics. The database is intended as a resource for the legal technology community, and features data contributions from CodeX, Legal.io, Thomson Reuters and other stakeholders in the community.

tech.law.stanford.edu was conceived in 2015 at Code = Law, a group created by CodeX Fellow Pieter Gunst. Between 2012 and 2015, Code = Law brought together Stanford Law students interested in the intersection of law and technology. In addition to increasing the familiarity of the participants with legal technology in general, the group also engaged in more hands-on exercises, including coding exercises covering html, css, javascript and modern web frameworks. One of these exercises was the design and development of the initial framework of tech.law.stanford.edu. The database was then further populated and developed by the CodeX team and our CodeX interns and researchers.

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Interested in contributing? Submit a legal technology company that is not included in the list, or have a look at the code onGithub!


Pieter Gunst - CodeX Fellow / Co-Founder of Legal.io

Kevin Xu - Code = Law Participant

Sam Schroeder - Code = Law Participant

Elizabeth Lowell - Code = Law Participant

Mark Evans - CodeX Fellow

David Curle - Thomson Reuters

Bob Ambrogi - Lawyer, media and technology professional

Patrick Haede - Intern at CodeX

Taylor Famighetti - Intern at CodeX

Paul Blizzard - Visiting Student Researcher at CodeX