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Companies in the Document Automation category


TOOCOURT builds products and services to help automate legal workflows, innovate new processes, and help firms identify new clients.


A platform that allows the creation of decision and workflow automation software for legal and compliance, using only drag and drop.

Agence Juridique

Agence Juridique specializes in legaltech and aims to simplify the administrative procedures accompanying the creation of a company.

The National Law Review

The National Law Review is an online legal publication website focusing on breaking legal news for business and legal professionals.


Providing lawyers with a platform that seamlessly leverages and embeds organizational knowledge into the contract drafting process.

AJC Asesor fiscal y contable en Madrid

Economista asesor fiscal, presta servicios de asesoramiento fiscal y presentación de impuestos a empresas, autónomos y particulares


PayMyTrustee utilizes a patented system to facilitate payments between bankruptcy debtors and their Chapter 13 bankruptcy trustees.


MediaRebel is a video deposition platform that allows the user to increase their ability to effectively manage witness testimony.


LawHawk is for lawyers and procurement specialists that want to prepare great legal and procurement documents as fast as possible

Credit Swarm

Credit Swarm is a free web application that lets users dispute errors on their credit reports online to all major credit bureaus.