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Companies in the Document Automation category


The Lar21 provides a system for managing labor requirements of domestic workers. Using the employer home phone, we log the working hours of domestic workers.


Otonomos is engineering the world's first blockchain-chartered company, in which you hold your shares in the same way as owning bitcoins in a digital wallet.


AirHelp fights for your right to compensation when your flight is delayed, cancelled or overbooked. AirHelp does all the paperwork, follow up and legal actions.


LEVERTON develops and applies disruptive deep learning / machine learning technology to extract and manage data from corporate documents in more than 20 languages.


Kesteven & Associates is a specialist management consultancy providing systems and services relating to knowledge management, compliance, and corporate governance.

BizAbroad Xpress

BizAbroad Xpress (BX) is a self-help service that changes the way people set up their business entities abroad (such as incorporating a company in Taiwan or Samoa).


iDisclose automates the process of generating the necessary disclosure documentation to facilitate an entrepreneur raising capital under the Federal securities laws.

Contractize INC.

Contractize helps persons and company to have legal docs easy. Anyone can create, electronic sign, send, receive, manage and store legally-binding documents in seconds. Frictionless.

My Exit Strategy

My Exit Strategy‰Û ( is an interactive online will that leverages internet technology and human-centered design to make end-of-life planning simpler and more intuitive


PitchCast‰ is an multimedia pitch platform designed for established and emerging companies seeking to raise capital with professionally produced and distributed investor pitch materials.