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Companies in the Document Automation category

Daniel Stachowiak

Client onboarding technology that includes electronic forms, identity verification, document creation, electronic signature, payment collection, secure document distribution and archiving. MyDocSafe client portals can be used as a communication channel as well as deal data rooms.


Register your trademark in an easy, comprehensible and secure way, at an unbeatable price. We guide you through the process in a friendly and intuitive manner, so you can forget about concerns and uncertainties. We bring you the best monitoring service during the application process.

Digital Rights Solutions GmbH & Co. KG

DiRiSo (Digital Rights Solutions) crafts web-based legal tech applications for law firms to automatize parts of their work process. For this purpose, DiRiSo mainly develops tools to standardize repetitive steps for evaluating cases, shaping legal opinions and producing legal documents.

Medchart Inc

Built specifically to connect law firms directly with hospitals and health providers, medchart provides a simple & fast way to request and access client medical records in as little as two days. Automate the process of requesting medical records, diagnostic imaging, clinical notes, and more.

Contract Live

Contract Live brings contract management out of the Stone Age by helping companies manage all contracts (from HR and procurement to sales) throughout all lifecycle stages (online negotiations, electronic signatures, implementation and execution) on an entirely intuitive, cloud-based platform.


TrademarkNow™ is a product of Onomatics Inc., a legal technology powerhouse specializing in intellectual property law. With decades of experience to draw from, we are seasoned professionals in both the software industry and intellectual property law – and it shows in the quality of our products.


Founded by a law firm partner and a Google search engineer, Lawyaw brings together a brilliant and diverse team of attorneys, computer scientists, social scientists, designers, linguists, and industry veterans to build the most intelligent, powerful, and intuitive drafting platform in the world.


InCloudCounsel manages and processes high volume legal documents. With our network of expert, virtual attorneys and our cloud-based document management software, our service allows our clients to reduce legal costs, increase quality and consistency, and enhance document and legal data management.


Precisely's AI-powered contract automation platform helps companies streamline and take control of their contracts. Automated contract creation, document automation, electronic signatures, contract approval automation, digital archiving and smart monitoring of contracts - all in one place in the cloud.


Terminis keeps your online contents and legal texts permanently tracked and generates bullet-proof evidences on - what your users accept when they buy or use your website, - what contents you publish on internet, - your announcements or claims on your website, - what people say about you in other websites