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VentureDocs sells customized legal documents over the web for forming and financing new startup companies. Specifically, this includes incorporation and founder documents, equity incentive plans and stock option agreements, and customizable documents for "friends and family" common stock financings and preferred stock and convertible note financings for institutional and sophisticated angel investor financings.

Legal Gateway

Empower your Legal Function to deliver more for less. Legal Gateway is the world's first Legal Operating System, giving in-house legal teams the tools they need to deliver faster, better and more cost-effective legal support. By linking sophisticated automation, custom workflows, integrated eSignatures and end-to-end contract lifecycle management, Legal Gateway scales legal expertise across the entire enterprise.


Define’s proprietary software plugs into MS Word and optimises the drafting and reviewing process by allowing users to quickly access defined terms and references in legal documents. Define has helped lawyers achieve time savings of over 90% on repetitive and tedious tasks when drafting and reviewing legal documents. We work with various global firms such as Slaughter and May, Macfarlanes, Deloitte and Allen & Overy to name a few.


LawPath is Australia's largest and leading online legal platform for businesses. We provide technology powered legal services at a fraction of the time, cost and complexity of the traditional system. 50,000+ businesses have used LawPath to start a company, register their trademark, create legal documents or compare and choose a lawyer from Australia's largest lawyer marketplace. Sign up for a free account here -

TermSheet is an online platform that connects angels and founders in order to help them close seed financing rounds, entirely online. It allows angel investors to join a seed round, review confidential information about a company, and quickly determine whether they wish to participate in the round or not. Created by Humble Paper, the company charges a small fee for investors to sign up. TermSheet was founded in 2013 and is based in California, United States.

LegalUp Ltd.

LegalUp’s software transforms your complex, repetitive legal documents into automated smart wizards that intelligently incorporate your firm’s knowledge and best practices. Say goodbye to the days of ploughing through your files to find the proper wording to cut/paste into a document. Instead, use LegalUp to quickly answer your digital questionnaire. LegalUp’s “smart wizard” will then update all sections to automatically create a perfect tailor-made document.

LEGAL DOCUMENT MANAGEMENT SYSTEM: - arrange all your business documents in one place, - manage electronic workflow, authorize access, - introduce electronic approval, - possible integration with CRM, ERP or ECM, - download company details directly from National Register, - store your documents securely from any location, - browse through the mobile application, - use multi-lingual versions to work internationally. Professionally. Without unnecessary formalism.


Microsystems delivers patented technology that empowers professionals to focus on content, instead of worrying about formatting, style and semantics. The software works seamlessly in the background to analyze and correct language and formatting. This Artificial Document Intelligence averts costly errors and preserves professional reputations. The outcome is bullet-proof documents, delivered effortlessly, every time. Microsystems headquarters are located in Chicago, IL.


VR-Mail allows you to send documents safely, securely, and best of all - with "proof of delivery." In addition, VR-Mail allows you to see when you sent the document, and when the recipient downloaded the document. By logging into VR-Mail's reports, you can see all your sent documents and whether your documents were received. VR-Mail can be used by lawyers, financial planners, entertainment professionals, and anyone who needs to prove that their document was delivered, not just sent.

Legalese 2.0

Software is eating law. At Legalese, computer scientists and lawyers are defining computational legal. Legalese is an open-source project to draft legal documents the way programmers develop software. Our first product is a SaaS app for entrepreneurs to configure and engross all the paperwork for an angel or seed round — we're talking shareholders agreements, corporate resolutions and amendments, rights notices, as well as prerequisites like ESOPs and vesting, all compiled from high-level expressions.