Web Design And Development


CategoryPractice Management
HeadquartersHanumangarh, Rajasthan, India
Tagsinformation technology, legal tech, news, online portals, small and medium businesses


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CarBack specializes in document automation.

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a360inc is an employee-owned company

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TIQ’s mission is to explore new technologies to help people live and work smarter.

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Intelectual Abogados 

Abogados especializados en Propiedad Intelectual, Propiedad Industrial, Tecnologías, Derecho Sanitario, Salud, Delitos informáticos.

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AdvoFin Prozessfinanzierung AG 

AdvoFin is Austria's largest independent litigation financier - founded in 2001 and financed by financially strong, independent institutional investors. As a litigation financier, AdvoFin assumes all legal costs of enforcing your claims in or out of court - even in the event of a loss. AdvoFin only receives a share of the proceeds in the event of success. As a legal tech firm from Austria, we specialize in the recovery of online casino losses, recovery of the service fee for mobile phone contracts, litigation funding for losses in the capital market sector, recovery of payments for loot boxes (FIFA packs)

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