Cloud based Legal Practice Management SaaS


CategoryPractice Management
HeadquartersRaleigh, NC, USA
Tagscloud, practice management
Target MarketService Providers
Business ModelLegal Service Using Tech


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CLA Reply 

Shaping tomorrow's client onboarding proces. Onboarding a new client is a time consuming task. Just think about the time you spent on AML-compliance. For many it’s a long chain of administrative work between and within spreadsheets, unencrypted emails back and forth, manual look ups in registries, lists and archives – not to mention internal conflict checks. Clareply is the solution which automates these processes and ensures compliance by design. You are set free to focus on the actual client case at hand, when you are guided through AML-obligations such as risk assessment, conflict checks and the documentation of it. That is what Clareply is all about: Bringing efficiency and compliant behaviour into the client-onboarding process. Clareply provides a time-saving, end-to-end encrypted and intuitive system, which automates the timely onboarding of a client under the AML-regulations. It provides compliance by design and is built to integrate with your existing systems.

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