Esq. Safe

A secure cloud-based legal practice management suite for attorneys & paralegals.


CategoryPractice Management
HeadquartersNew York, NY, USA
Tags cloud, practice management
Target MarketService Providers
Business ModelLegal Tech


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Bill4Time is a secure, cloud-based legal time billing solution chosen by more than 50,000 firms. Time tracking (with ABA litigation code sets), matters management, trust and IOLTA accounting, document management and more. A builtin payment portal (supports LawPay, Stripe, PayPal and ACH). Information is safe and secure with 256-bit data encryption + local data backup. All invoices and reports can be customized to precisely match existing documents. The company offers free data migration services from other time billing systems.

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Cloud-Based Practice Management Software

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dealWIP Inc. 

We offer a cloud-based Workflow Integration Platform for complex corporate transactional attorneys. Our platform technology provides a secure, frictionless and transparent environment for transactional attorneys and their valued clients to plan, manage, automate and streamline every element of their most important high-stakes corporate legal matters.

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Cloud based Legal Practice Management SaaS

cloud, practice management


Practice management and client communication for the modern law firm.Ìø_

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