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CategoryPractice Management
HeadquartersSofia, Grad Sofiya, Bulgaria
Tagslegal tech, legal, information technology, document preparation, accounting


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Intelectual Abogados 

Abogados especializados en Propiedad Intelectual, Propiedad Industrial, Tecnologías, Derecho Sanitario, Salud, Delitos informáticos.

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Civil Soot 

Civil Soot provides resources and tools for legal professionals and pro se litigants.

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Priori Legal 

Priori Legal is a platform that matches corporate legal departments and high growth companies with exceptional lawyers at discounted rates.

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Medchart Inc 

Built specifically to connect law firms directly with hospitals and health providers, medchart provides a simple & fast way to request and access client medical records in as little as two days. Automate the process of requesting medical records, diagnostic imaging, clinical notes, and more.

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LIRIS is a legal tech service development company.

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