We replace small claims court with online arbitration for <$5-10K legal claims. In doing so we provide our customers with a quicker/better alternative to small claims court.


CategoryOnline Dispute Resolution
HeadquartersLos Angeles, CA, USA
Tags arbitration, dispute resolution, odr
Target MarketIndividuals
Business ModelLegal Service Using Tech

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Brāv trains anyone in conflict management who in turn manage the conflicts of others directly on the site.

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The legally binding alternative to Small Claims Court

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Immediation utilises the depth of expertise within the Australian legal and ADR profession to assist in the resolution of appropriate disputes. Their independent panel of over 90 professionals can help resolve disputes on their online dispute resolution platform, via mediation, determination, evaluation and arbitration


Jus Mundi 

Hi, my name is Dmytro Koba and I am a Legal Officer at Jus Mundi. I would love  to share some information about our company  with you. Jus Mundi  is a multilingual search engine for international law. Our main goal is to simplify research for lawyers and academics specialized  in international law and arbitration. We are a French company but our  clientele is composed of law firms and organizations all around the world.  Legal research in international law can be particularly  exhausting since documents are spread out in a variety of different  sources.  Jus Mundi essentially responds to the need for a centralized source of international  documents (treaties, decisions, arbitration sentences, etc.). This in turn facilitates research and accelerates the whole  process. All the  documents in our database  are  structured and qualified by our team of lawyers and tech specialists in order to provide users with the best quality of research.  Users can search in English and review the relevant results in any language. Jus Mundi also provides for intelligence and analytics about arbitrators, lawyers and law firms participating in international cases. It drastically reduces the time needed to: - conduct proper due diligence before appointing an arbitrator; - research potential conflicts of interest; - review legal reasoning of arbitrators or their opponents on issues relevant to their cases. Thank you so much  for your time and consideration.

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