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Contract Analysis with AI


CategoryDocument Automation
HeadquartersElmsford, New York, United States
Tagslegal tech, software, analytics, contact management, artificial intelligence, text analytics

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Parley Pro is a modern contract lifecycle management platform that helps companies create, negotiate and manage smarter contracts faster.

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Sigalei uses legislative data, technology, and legal knowledge and government relations to develop technology.

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We offer a service that provides email and internet privacy and security for households and small businesses. Bhavnani Technologies specializes in creating new and innovative hardware and software. The company's goal is to make cutting edge technology available to consumers and businesses in a way that is cost effective and easy to use. Our first generation of products are focused on improving electronic communication privacy and security.


Vicente Sederberg 

Vicente Sederberg is a top-ranked national cannabis law firm providing legal and policy services to marijuana and hemp companies.

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Top PropTech Company in APAC region, awarded blockchain, Smartcontract patents, AI Architect, IoT, earthquake solution, Finteh & LegalTech.

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