MatterSuite is cloud-based legal practice management software for lawyers for solos, small and mid-sized law firms and enterprises. This intuitive software is the first in the market which comprises motion, eDiscovery, litigation management, cause of action, matter management, legal research library, legal calendaring, document management, tasks and communication to make your management better. It gives you the overall insight of your law firm to have a transparent and efficient law practice. MatterSuite also provides enterprise legal management (ELM) software service with custom software development and white label solution to enterprises.

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Legodesk offers a long list of innovative features, which makes it the top choice for law firms around the world. The software allows users to prepare, draft, redraft and submit detailed contracts in a secure and hassle-free manner. It also allows them to capture and manage contract documents with ease. Users can also receive a copy of the contract immediately for review and compliance purposes. Legodesk provides a virtual legal assistant that can schedule different types of legal tasks for each client, as well as monitor the progress of all documents related to a particular case. Legal case management software also allows lawyers to manage their practice forms and case analytics through an online dashboard. Here is the list of some amazing features provided by Legodesk: Case Management Client Connect Legal Document Management System Calendar and Task Management Billing and Invoices Find lawyers

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PatentPal Inc. 

PatentPal is a professional drafting tool for patent attorneys and agents.

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Impactful Anti-piracy & Brand Protection Solutions.

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At Docket, our mission is to centralize all the legal team's data in one place. We've built the next generation of Legal Matter Management software that enables in-house legal teams to: - Easily collaborate with internal clients - Have a granular and easily accessible view into the organization's workload and potential problem areas (liabilities, bottlenecks, etc). - Showcase their value to the rest of the business with dashboards and KPIs

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Lawrbit Lextech Pvt. Ltd. 

Lawrbit offers RegTech and Lextech solutions for Corporates and Compliance, Audit and Legal Professionals globally. Our portfolio consists of the following: ENTERPRISE LEGAL SUITE: Offers an integrated framework for Large, Medium & Small Enterprises to manage Regulatory and Legal Risks through a Centralised framework, enabling businesses to efficiently Manage Cross geography, functional and industry mandates. • Global Compliance Management • Enterprise Legal Matter Management PRACTICE SOLUTIONS: Solutions for Consulting Firms of any size and nature to manage their Regulatory Compliance & Audit Services across jurisdictions through an integrated framework; increasing effectiveness and efficiencies of service team while being more transparent on deliveries. • Compliance Service Management • Compliance Audit Management Lawrbit Global regulatory intelligence is created and continuously updated with regulatory changes through collaborative input of 1000s of legal experts from 100+ law firms across 80+ countries. Lawrbit provides a centralized repository of all required regulatory know-how that can be commonly accessed by Compliance Officers, Functional Users, Management, Board of Directors and Auditors. Lawrbit’s e-library cuts across jurisdictions, domains, and areas of laws. With our ever-evolving library, we strive to provide coverage of all laws, regulations in practice. Processes and technology have been designed to ensure the client gets a customized library of laws applicable to its business. Wherever Regulatory Intelligence doesn’t cover laws available on the client’s business, the legal research team works with client and law firm partners to produce the same within agreed timelines.

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