Unimarks Legal Solutions has built a strong team of 45 litigators since 2011, who is assisted by senior professionals including former Re-Examination Board Examiners And Technical Experts having immense knowledge and abundant experience in trademark and patent litigation, invalidation, and enforcement from the local courts to the Supreme Court, and before the Indian Trademark Registry, Tribunals and Law Enforcement Agencies. With an experienced In-House investigation team, ULS attorneys have helped numerous clients in conducting Pre-Filing Investigations And Administrative Actions to overcome the difficulty of evidence collection during the enforcement of IP Rights in India.


CategoryLegal Research
HeadquartersD-84, Block no.3, 4th Floor, Murugesa Nayakar Complex, Greams Road, Thousand Lights, Chennai - 600006
Tagstrademark registration, copyright registration, patent registration, design registration


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