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Related companies is a simple platform to negotiate contract terms. Users can make offers, track deal progress and resolve disagreements.

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Medchart Inc 

Built specifically to connect law firms directly with hospitals and health providers, medchart provides a simple & fast way to request and access client medical records in as little as two days. Automate the process of requesting medical records, diagnostic imaging, clinical notes, and more.

legal, medical records, clinical notes, technology, automation, request

Mystacks, Inc. 

A.I. document drafting assistant for lawyers.

artificial intelligence, machine learning, document generation


Make sense of your legal bills

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EDocGen LLC 

SAAS Document generation platform for creation of PDF and Word documents from wide range of data-sources including Forms, Databases, Enterprise Applications, and structured data. Supports all modes of document generation including on-demand, bulk, and interactive. Using EDocGen, business users can avoid the pain of slow manual error-prone document creation and generate documents utilizing existing templates. • Data to Documents: Merge your existing templates with JSON-XML-Excel data to create documents • Database to Documents: Automate documents generation from Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL, MongoDB etc. • Automate document generation from hundreds of apps and almost all databases using API and Zapier integratio • Auto-generated web forms for filling templates thus creating documents 80% faster.

document automation, document generation