Online end-of-life planning platform.


CategoryDocument Automation
HeadquartersNew York, NY, USA
Tagssecurity, media, information
Target MarketIndividuals
Business ModelLegal Service Using Tech


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Validated ID 

Validated ID helps businesses bring security, trust, efficiency and legal compliance to customer identity verification and agreements.

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ClauseMatch is a SaaS platform for negotiating smarter contracts and collaborating on documents, solving long time problems of lengthy and expensive process of management of documentation and inability to unlock the information contained within contracts and documents.

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We currently operate in a niche and innovative sector of the financial services industry that focuses on the pursuit of litigation claims (when a plaintiff sues in Court for civil redress) to help move the cases forward to completion and victory.

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BlockAxs GmbH 

The BlockAxs toolbox will offer lifecycle management tools for your tokenization. Make it easy and secure!

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Tracument helps Canadian professionals significantly reduce the amount of time spent requesting and producing documents.

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