Online end-of-life planning platform.


CategoryDocument Automation
HeadquartersNew York, NY, USA
Tagssecurity, information, media
Target MarketIndividuals
Business ModelLegal Service Using Tech


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Civil Soot 

Civil Soot provides resources and tools for legal professionals and pro se litigants.

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Lucolo is an ultra-secure message exchange service designed for many-to-many conversations in enterprise.

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BeeLine Reader 

BeeLine Reader makes reading on-screen easier, faster, and more accessible. Our patented technology has won awards from Stanford University, NewSchools Venture Fund, and The Tech Museum of Innovation. Our apps have been featured in the New York Times, BBC, The Atlantic, Fast Company, and Lifehacker.

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Pointer Brand Protection 

Online brand protection that is monitoring e-commerce websites, domains and social media for intellectual property infringements.

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Metricson is a law firm expert that provides comprehensive legal services to tech and innovative companies.

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