Cognitiv+ is an artificial intelligence platform that automates knowledge extraction from legal data.


HeadquartersLondon, England, England
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AssistMyCase™, Inc. is a San Francisco based enterprise SaaS provider of Litigation Intelligence products and solutions for Civil and Commercial Litigations to the Global 5000, law firms, insurance companies and hedge funds. AssistMyCase Litigation Intelligence starts from the time the case is filed, assisting in the litigation strategy formulation from the outset. As the litigation proceeds, AssistMyCase’s intelligence gets smarter, detecting patterns and anomalies, increasing the probability of success for our clients. Our Self-evolving, Adaptive, Artificial Intelligence Platform (SAAIP)® requires only a case number to begin, AssistMyCase can provide comprehensive intelligence for your commercial litigation from the very outset, before extensive Discovery costs are incurred while assembling multiple points of input in a cohesive and concise manner. For Corporations and Litigators, this insight and foresight on their incoming litigation cases is quite like how the insurance and mortgage industries perform due diligence on their prospective clients. Thus, AssistMyCase is effectively creating what could be described as the Litigation Underwriting​®market.

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LegalOptics helps consumers find the right attorney by providing a more-granular analysis of their records.

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Riverview Law 

Riverview Law, an innovative legal services firm.

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Harrison and Held 

Harrison & Held is an independent boutique firm that provides exceptional service and value to our clients by focusing on core strengths.

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Epiq Systems provides legal process outsourcing (LPO) services in the United States and internationally.

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