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VoiLaw is a mobile application that provides a guide to the laws of the 50 states in an easy-to-understand and concise format. VoiLaw will present the laws that people confront on a daily basis in a single place, paying special attention to the accuracy of the information and to UX/UI design. It summarizes relevant laws, and if the customer wants additional information, the app directs the customer to other resources and, if the customer wants, refers customers to lawyers. While some of our competitors' business models center around connecting consumers with lawyers, we want to provide the information directly to the consumer so they don't have to talk to a lawyer if they don't need to. Initially, the focus will be on travelers, but will expand both geographically to other countries and to different areas of the law. As VoiLaw expands to other areas of law, such as landlord-tenant law, we will include additional features, such as a diagnostic tool similar to WebMD's symptom checker.


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