Legal Miner

Legal Miner provides a multidimensional exploration of the Chinese market, industry, and society, by evaluating and analyzing Chinese judicial decisions. Due to the transparency movement of the Chinese judicial system, Legal Miner seeks to combine data mining and legal analytics expertise to reveal the enigmatic Chinese decisions in an extensive, systematic, and visual manner. Aside from the advanced search features such as search by section, relevant law, and result, as well as other categories such as search courts, judges, parties, etc., Legal Miner also specializes in customized reports based upon unique client needs. Legal Miner goes a step beyond and not only presents clients with dispute resolution and optimal strategy solutions, but also provides comprehensive and customized report for legal and business risks assessment. We believe that, with the specialization of Legal Miner, the transparency of the Chinese judicial system will no longer be mysterious; thus, doing business and litigation in China could be viable and predictable.


HeadquartersBeijing, P.R.C.
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