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Visualization of laws


CategoryLegal Research
HeadquartersVancouver, BC, Canada
Tagsmachine learning, data visualization, legalx, mars, education, research
Target MarketCompanies
Business ModelLegal Tech


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Mystacks, Inc. 

A.I. document drafting assistant for lawyers.

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Evichat is a tool for lawyers to efficiently collect, review, redact, and produce fully authenticated social-media and SMS evidence on-demand. Evichat was built with two people in mind, the lawyer, and the client. Our custodian self-collection tool allows clients to submit their social-media communications (Slack, FB Messenger, etc.) without giving up control of their mobile device. Please email us today for a demo: info

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Red Marker - AI powered compliance 

Red Marker’s cloud-based SaaS platform automatically analyses digital content for probabilistic compliance risk using AI, ML and NLP

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Court Listener 

Non-Profit Free Legal Search Engine