openlaws gmbh

Openlaws is a legal information system with features for personalization and visualization.


CategoryLegal Research
HeadquartersSalzburg, Salzburg, Austria
Tagssmall and medium businesses, productivity tools, legal tech, legal, information services, compliance


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Helm360 has gained extensive expertise in business intelligence and analytics.

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RecordFixer hides criminal records from background checks. Millions of Americans have suffered some form of arrest, criminal charge, or conviction and would rather not let the rest of the world know about it. Using the intricate complex privacy laws of the US and combining our teams' knowledge of the personal data ecosystem, our app makes it easy and affordable to help people flex their privacy (legally) and efficiently. Developed by experienced criminal defense lawyers, data engineers, and a talented army of researches, RecordFixer is the worlds first automated criminal record privacy application.

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Amulex offers legal assistance to individuals and corporate clients.

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