Law Data Science

The art of law powered by data science. Law Data Science is an analytics and data science company offering bespoke consulting to the legal profession. We are legal thinkers with data driven minds, a team with a passion for leveraging technology for good in law. We service some of Australia's and indeed the world's biggest law firms.


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Related companies is a legal aid service company that is free of charge and for a fee.

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Ogayar Co. 

We support law firms in employment & benefits law through big data and data analytics. We help reduce risks and subjectivity in negotiations and trials through use of most advanced technologies and tools. Thanks to our data driven focus and methodology, companies can take more efficient decisions in resource management, dismissals, agreements negotiations, variable compensation models, frauds and damages. Moreover, we support law firms during trials as experts and we run efficiently production optimization before and after M&As.

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Immuta is a unified data platform for the world’s most secure organizations. Our technology frees data science teams to securely access and work with high-value data, all without having to worry about data access and usage policies.

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