Tali is your voice-enabled productivity assistant, powered by artificial intelligence. With Tali, users can eliminate the administrative burden of time entry by seamlessly tracking time throughout the day, using nothing more than their voice. Tali works with any Amazon Alexa-enabled device, including mobile phones, making her a time-tracking assistant that goes wherever you go. Logging a task is as simple as saying “Alexa, tell Tali I spent 45 minutes for Jones on discovery documentation review.” Prefer timers? Tali can do that too, simply say “Alexa, tell Tali I’ve started federal tax law research for Thompson,” and once finished, just say “Alexa, tell Tali I'm finished.” Tali is hands-free and out of the way. Voice input is so natural you will forget Tali is there—all focus, with no distraction. Live life productively, with Tali.


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