ObjectiveManager uses goal-setting software to help professional service firms and their people define strategy, improve performance and power growth. We connect overall business planning to every day goals by making objectives visible, constant and actionable. By simplifying the way strategy and objectives are set and managed, we help firms improve collaboration and optimise conditions for growth. Our innovative software helps firms all around the world make sure all their individual gains add up to a big business impact by turning growth from a boardroom objective into an every day habit. Built primarily for legal, accounting and other professional services firms, ObjectiveManager is focused on: o Business Planning - turning business, client and sector plans into meaningful objectives focussed on building relationships. o Collaboration- giving everyone a sense of the bigger picture and connecting them in the process. o Objective Setting - getting the most out of your people with effective & shared objectives, which are aligned to the strategic plan. o Performance Management - simple, effective and paperless performance reviews. To find out more and arrange a demo, please contact us at enquiries@objectivemanager.com or visit the website and take a product tour - https://about.objectivemanager.com/


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