IurFRIEND is Germany's first curated legal shopping company.


HeadquartersDüsseldorf, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany
Tagsconsulting, information technology, legal, legal tech

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LZVCPA is a CPA firm that provides financial, audit, tax, IT and legal services.

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LegalOptics helps consumers find the right attorney by providing a more-granular analysis of their records.

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DIGURA is a fast-growth, LegalTech startup that combines law, innovation, and technology in the field of tenancy law. DIGURA is a tenant's digital friend. By utilizing digitization, efficient case processes, and high quality, we assist tenants with problems with their landlords. A complex platform was developed to compare 4,500 judgments and decisions with 200 predefined cases of tenants and landlords. We can provide a tenant with an assessment of the case within 24 hours using that solution. By doing this, we ensure that both ourselves and the tenants are in the best possible position for further litigation, and we become better with each case we review. For tenants who regularly need legal advice and sparring when they encounter challenges with their tenancy, we also offer a membership club called DIGURA Home. It is likely that there has not been a tenancy problem that our advisers have not encountered before in our membership club.

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Benoam specializes in technological, computerized solutions for the management of legal proceedings and legal data.

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rfrnz offers automated contract analysis for legal professionals based on Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing algorithms.

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