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Fully automated online negotiation platform that leverages Big Data, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.

Workshare Transact

Workshare's platform empowers professionals worldwide to compare, protect, manage & share their high stakes documents.

Oliveira Advocacia e Consultoria Jurídica

Oliveira Advocacia e Consultoria Jurídica provides legal advice.

Kontrak Hukum (Buatkontrak)

Kontrak Hukum (Buatkontrak) is a legal tech company located in Menteng.

Escola de Cálculos

Escola de Cálculos specializes in judicial calculations in the most diverse legal matters,.

Gepro Software Jurídico

Gepro Software Jurídico specializes in software development for the Brazilian legal market.


UpCounsel operates an online marketplace for businesses to find and hire legal help based on their preferences in the United States.

Deep Legal

Deep Legal monitors, compares, and predicts portfolios of lawsuits developed for the corporate management of companies with court records.

Ruang Hukum

The leading One-Stop Legal Platform for Individuals and Business