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Companies tagged with document management


Law4tw provides a full range of self-help legal documents such as civil, family, and business.


DOCUFIEL allows you to sign documents in the cloud, using the electronic signature, e-Signature or FIEL.


LucanDOCS is a document management system designed for professionals like insurance agents and attorneys.


LEGALIBOO is a web platform that lets users get custom contracts and legal documents immediately and online.


Hozelito is a tool that enables users to create, edit, sign, and collaborate on legal documents and contracts.


Snapterms is a simple, fast and effective solution for terms of service, privacy policies and more for websites.


Shoobx is the only comprehensive platform to manage startup corporate legal activity - from incorporation to exit.


LawCloud offers an integrated library of user-friendly legal documents that makes legal easier and more efficient.

Captain Contrat

Captain Contrat is a legal and administrative pillar that accompanies VSEs and SMEs in all stages of the development.

CourtSide EDX

CourtSide EDX is a web-based platform that facilitates the exchange, verification, and management of court documents.