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Companies tagged with fintech


LawCoin is a litigation finance and digital assets company.

UFP Fintech

UFP Fintech invests in early stage Fintech, Proptech & Legaltech startups

TrustChain Systems

Secure digital contracting for companies with integrated financial solutions.


RightNow revolutionizes peoples’ access to justice by reimbursing consumer claims within 24 hours, thus providing “justice-as-a-service”.

Just Me Technologies

At Just Me, we help companies towards GDPR compliance, while giving back control of the personal data to their real owners: the users.


3Lawgy is a sharing economy platform for legal services.

Anduin Transactions

The workflow platform built for private market transactions


HighCastle is a capital raising, securities issuance and shareholder management platform

BlockAxs GmbH

The BlockAxs toolbox will offer lifecycle management tools for your tokenization. Make it easy and secure!


Worker equity management as a service, Founder Equity, Performance Based Equity, Saas, Legal Services, Membership