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Companies tagged with information technology

Legal IT Group

Legal IT Group provides legal aid for startups, IT companies and investors.

Top Class Actions

Top Class Actions connects consumers to lawsuits, settlements and attorneys.


NORMDECS is a scientific research project, hosted at the University of Lausanne.


OpenLaw, a ConsenSys spoke, is a legal operating system for blockchain technology.


SIËSDE innovates, creates and prototypes legal and dispute resolution technologies.

API Garant

API Garant provides professional legal support using modern information technology.


LegalSeba is an Online Business Legal Service Portal powered by AI & Legal Database's purpose is to support couples in the emotional period of separation.

Aspirea Technologies

Aspirea Technologies is an IT company that offers a range of services to its clients.

eLakitoimisto OÜ

eLakitoimisto enables Finnish users to create legal documents with simple online forms.