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Companies tagged with information technology

LawVu ltd

LawVu is a legal operations platform that combines matter management, contract management, and vendor management in one connected system.


GoldFynch to solve a pressing need in the legal world.


CellBreaker allows people easily switch cell phone carriers without paying the early termination fee.

Liquid Litigation Management

LLM brings you Liquid Lit Managerâ„¢, an integrated, web-based e-discovery and case management solution.

Bis-Tec Technologies

Bis-Tec provides solution in the fields of computer forensic, E-discovery, cyber, and big data analysis.


Percipient offers electronic discovery (e-discovery), legal technology, and managed document review services.

ShakeUp Online

ShakeUp Online operates an online platform that provides legal and professional services to small and medium enterprises.

Red Marker - AI powered compliance

Red Marker’s cloud-based SaaS platform automatically analyses digital content for probabilistic compliance risk using AI, ML and NLP

Only Sab

Only Sab is a hindi website.


LeBonBail offers a solution for writing and signing the real estate rental contract online.