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Companies tagged with legal tech

Epoq Legal Inc

Epoq is a pioneer in the development of online legal document services.


Checkr seeks to automate the process of professional background checks.

NextLex Inc

NextLex is focused on the digitization of the legal system in Switzerland.

PatentPal Inc.

PatentPal is a professional drafting tool for patent attorneys and agents.


Trustatom provides privacy-respecting identity and smart contract solutions.

Gino LegalTech

Gino LegalTech is a legal startup that specialized in contract robotization.

Closing Folders Inc.

Closing Folders is a provider of legal transaction management software (LTM).


ClientSide is an electronic signature for the professional services industry.


BRYTER is the leading no-code building platform to automate expert knowledge.


FreeWill is an online service that provides legal forms and legal information.