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Companies tagged with machine learning


Kelsen is a learning algorithm that computes answers to legal questions in real time by combining big data and machine learning.

Vizlegal Ltd.

Vizlegal converts fragmented legal information into structured data. On top of this data we have built an application designed for legal practitioners, with a particular focus on sole practitioners and small firms. Our legal information includes judgments of courts, court rules, practice directions, case filing/litigation information and quasi-judicial decisions.

Zfusion Tech

Zfusion Tech provides an end-to-end solution to determine the services needed by customers efficiently.’s offers AI-based natural language understanding solutions built on technology inspired by Neuroscience


Prifina is building tools that empower individuals to get superior value from their data; and user-centric data tools for developers.


Artificial Intelligence


AI-Powered Litigation Platform


Summarizing Everyday Communication


Fully-managed services marketplace for startup founders


FMeasure provides artificial intelligence based services for merger and acquisition, corporate analytics and risk analysis.