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Companies in the Analytics category

Legal Miner

Legal Miner is a law of large data visualization and transparency of internet sharing platform.


Cognitiv+ is an artificial intelligence platform that automates knowledge extraction from legal data.


Syntexys uses machine learning and statistical natural language processing to provide business insights.


Brightleaf helps in mining information from unstructured, text-based documents, and making it accessible.

Blue J Legal Inc.

Blue J Legal is a machine learning and artificial intelligence that delivers absolute clarity to the law.


LegalKart is a simple, convenient location to share files, communicate, and collaborate with your clients.


Metricson is a law firm expert that provides comprehensive legal services to tech and innovative companies.

Sky Analytics

Sky Analytics is a B2B company that focuses on the development of legal spend management software solutions.

Docket Alarm

Docket optimizes the search, management, and analysis of documents with legal value, reducing costs and time.

Law Data Science

Law Data Science is an analytics and data science company offering bespoke consulting to the legal profession.