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Companies in the Analytics category


ModusP is a legal knowledge platform that provides law firms and jurists with unprecedented search capabilities.

Independent Strategies Digital

Independent Strategies Digital is a legal tech company that provides law tech, digital transformation, and SaaS.

Hot Neuron LLC

Hot Neuron produces Clustify, which is software for predictive coding (TAR), clustering, and near-dupe detection.


We help business buyers and their vendors effectively and efficiently remove friction in the contracting process.


Indexa focuses on legal analytic and integration law information for legal professional civil society and government.


Moodul is developing AI-based support tools for lawyers integrated with Microsoft Word, specialised in text analysis.

Loom Analytics

Loom Analytics is a legal data analytics company that builds analytics products for the legal and insurance industries.

loom analytics

Loom is an online legal analytics system providing structure to the large corpus of unstructured Canadian legal open data.


At FiscalNote, we've built a platform for real-time open data analysis that aggregates, analyzes, and forecasts legal data.

Restructuring Concepts

Our company has developed unique capabilities in unlocking the wealth of valuable information from the court filing system.