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The Advobot chatbot is a magical way to effortlessly draft legal documents. For startups: Use our bot and our forms to effortlessly draft legal documents. Currently available on slack messenger and the web-based messenger below. For companies and law firms: We can create a custom bot with your legal forms. Improve productivity, accuracy, and save time.


DealManager was created by top M&A lawyers who wanted to create a better way to manage deals. Their goal was to create an online system that would reduce costs, accelerate diligence reviews, and provide instant insight into diligence issues. DealManager increases efficiency by eliminating the administrative tasks associated with running a deal. By automating deal administration, task management, diligence capture and report generation. DealManager allows attorneys to focus on legal issues rather than deal administration.


WhichDraft lets freelancers automatically create sophisticated contracts online + offers lawyers cloud document assembly. Create contracts with fast, free tools from expert attorneys. Learn about contract clauses, draft contracts automatically, save different versions, run red line comparisons, and share contracts to collaborate on changes. Build your own contract templates using our tools. Free contract templates and contract management software (premium services, too).


WallStreetDocs is the leading SAAS-based document automation, review and delivery solution for financial, legal and commercial applications. WallStreetDocs offers five interrelated products, which together form the most powerful document automation offering currently on the market for financial, legal and commercial applications.


VR-Mail allows you to send documents safely, securely, and best of all - with "proof of delivery." In addition, VR-Mail allows you to see when you sent the document, and when the recipient downloaded the document. By logging into VR-Mail's reports, you can see all your sent documents and whether your documents were received. VR-Mail can be used by lawyers, financial planners, entertainment professionals, and anyone who needs to prove that their document was delivered, not just sent.


Visabot is an AI-powered solution for streamlining U.S. visa process.

Document sharing inside your company is solved by companies such as Google Docs,, and Dropbox, but what about when you share documents outside your company? A technophobic legal industry has failed to adopt these modern-day document management tools. plans to capture these users with a zero-signup, zero-login, zero-download file management service.

Valcu Inc.

Valcu Inc. is a New York-based startup focusing on modeling the corporate aspects of companies. Valcu has a do-it-yourself incorporation tool for startups to incorporate in Delaware and run the post-incorporation setup. Valcu has number of additional products currently being developed to help manage and analyze companies, including valuation tools, term sheet and financing document generators and a capitalization table management tool. Valcu operates the web application at


We provide turnkey solutions for electronic signatures on your contracts and forms, on any device. Our ambition is to be the leading e-signature provider in the Nordics by offering the broadest and most user-friendly solutions. We support Electronic ID Signatures, Biometric Touch Signatures and One Time SMS Password Signatures. No installation is required, anyone can sign a document issued through Assently. It is an easy and user-friendly experience to sign on a computer, tablet or mobile phone. Manage your documents through our intuitive Web Office or integrate our technology with your solutions through our powerful API.


AtlaSense is a platform made for modern legal departments who want to take control of their data. Whether for eDiscovery, Contract Gathering, or Records Management, AtlaSense finds information anywhere and automatically classifies your files based on your preferences.