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Software for immigration law practices


IMPACT GRC brings together all the core business communication tools – email, phone, video conferencing, CRM – into ONE single interface and management system.

IVIZE Services Inc

Modus, LLC, formerly known as IVIZE Services, Inc., is a United States-based company, which provides eDiscovery services. The Company offers fixed fee managed services that restore visibility and control over outsourced legal spend, and eliminate uncertainty from the discovery process. Its eDiscovery consulting services include process/workflow strategy, collection assessment, collection plan, case setup advice and user training and advice. The Company supports native file processing, full tiff processing and email processing. Its collection services include evidence identification, data harvesting and forensic collection, forensic imaging, live and targeted data acquisitions, preservation and analysis. The company provides technology services to corporate law departments and law firms.


Family law matter management


Last5 is the Minimum Effective Dose of time tracking, which works by "checking in" on tasks and reporting about what you're doing periodically. Works on Mac, Windows, iPhone.


Practice law without email.


We are putting our CS & JD degrees to work. The legal world won't know what hit it.

Legal Flow

Legal Flow‰Ûªs mission is to build the most visual & easy-to-use Legal Project Management SaaS for the next generation of lawyers.

Lemontech - Thetimebilling

It is a Web-based Time tracking, Billing, expense tracking and reporting software, that enables law firms and consulting firms to focus in their business and no in administration process.


Practice Management