Trustbot Software Inc.

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CategoryDocument Automation
HeadquartersSanta Cruz, CA and the world
Tagsbusiness development, human resources, legal tech, procurement, productivity tools, sales, sales automation

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Focus is a legal tech startup that developed an algorithm that can rank patents based on their technological importance.

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Easyoffer is a marketplace that serves as the meeting point for lawyers, accountants and clients.

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CoProcure, Inc. 

CoProcure ( makes it easy for public agencies to purchase together. Each year, U.S. local and state government agencies spend $1.5T on goods and services. Even though agencies have similar needs, each agency typically spends ~200+ hours making a purchase on its own. Purchasing redundancies cost taxpayers billions of dollars each year. Public agencies can purchase together, sharing procurement processes and contracts. Even though some of these contracts already exist, they can be challenging to find and use. CoProcure makes it easy to discover and utilize existing cooperative contracts, saving public agencies time and money. We're an early-stage startup harnessing the power of purchasing to reinvest billions of dollars into our local communities.

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We simplify financial advice compliance

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