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Lexplosion Solutions

Lexplosion Solutions provides legal compliance, risk management, governance, audits, contracts, and litigation services and solutions.

Libryo Ltd

Libryo: A better way to know the law, reduces legal insourcing costs and promotes compliance best-practice by empowering organisations

RGC Manager GmbH & Co. KG

RGC Manager GmbH & Co. KG offers software tools to support companies in the areas of energy law, environmental law and occupational safety.


RightsFlow supports YouTube and Google Play by simplifying music licensing through song identification, monetization, reporting and payment efforts.


We plan, design and develop tools that guarantee you: efficiency in processes, savings in filing and moving expenses, legal information security and document integrity.

Texas Trust Home Loans

Texas Trust Home Loans is a direct online mortgage lender which beliefs in providing a fast, transparent, and online mortgage experience backed by customer service excellence.

APF Technologies LLC

APF Information Protection and Access Control Solution protects the information against outside invasions and internal misuses and provides organizations with unprecedented visibility into information usage

Waymark Tech

We provide an AI, specifically NLP that sits within your existing systems and parses the millions of pages of regulation to provide you with the answer to your questions when you need the information the most.


Synch offers WeSynch a secure, on-demand service that lets you use high quality legal tools, where and when you want, at fixed prices and with great flexibility. Simplify the way you lead your business with WeSynch.

DX Compliance Solutions

Making compliance for Banks, FinTechs and Cryptocurrency Exchanges easy. We offer innovative software to make the back-office of your business scaleable and reduce the time required on individual case management by ca. 75%.