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Business Integrity

Now part of Thomson Reuters, Business Integrity is a leader in document assembly and contract creation & management for SharePoint and For law firms, our document assembly solution helps to drive fee earner efficiency and help law firms to drive new business. For in-house Legal teams, ContractExpress contract creation solutions enables organizations to reduce the time, cost, and risk of creating and managing business contracts.


Caseflow restructures the way legal businesses work. Focusing on personal injury lawyers in the first step, we are developing a US-wide solution to manage law firms more efficiently and reduce overhead. In addition to redesigning the way law firms work internally, it also improves and manages customer relations.


This is what CaseHub does: we crowdsource legal battles, and take a payout of the winnings or settlement. Each case is financed by law firms or external investors who take a pc of the winnings


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Perfect Legal Documents. Faster.


Legal research on the shoulders of giants.


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Chapter 11 Dockets

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Automated background screenings and driving records

Claim Kit

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