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Tyche aims to build predictive analytics for legal claim outcomes based on structured, proprietary settlement data by using public and proprietary data.


Nventi is a legal technology startup that is leveraging cognitive and semantic research to analyze patent information for business and legal professionals.


A nascent "worker empowerment platform." In the free worker app, hourly workers can rate their employers, document their hours, and learn about their rights.


HaystackHQ is a browser-based visual analytics service for legal eDiscovery targeting regulatory agencies, tier-1 law firms & the Fortune 5000 companies they serve.


Gracular Patent Analytics is a SaaS web-based solution that provides real-time patent analysis and data visualization to identify promising published patent applications and issued patents, and novel inventions.


We scan the Web for sites selling counterfeit versions of your proprietary products and then ask every major traffic sources to remove those sites. Now, their customers can't find them anymore. It's really that simple.


Immuta is a unified data platform for the world’s most secure organizations. Our technology frees data science teams to securely access and work with high-value data, all without having to worry about data access and usage policies.


Create insights for growth with time capture technology. TIQ Time helps lawyers build a complete and consistent timesheet, helping firms to reduce leakage, increase their bottom-line and optimise insights and transparency in service delivery.


Co-founded by John J. Nay, Oliver Goodenough, and J.B. Ruhl, PredictGov combines proprietary machine learning and natural language processing technologies with a deep knowledge of law and legal institutions to help lawyers and policy professionals.


Trusted by Fortune 1000 companies and their advisors, EasyDataMaps is award-winning web-based data mapping software and the easiest way for Information Professionals to rapidly create an Evergreen Organizational Data Map of their Information Assets.