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BookLawyer helps law firms and legal departments increase profitability and client value by reducing write-offs and litigation costs for legal research.

Weblaw AG

Description: Weblaw is a Berne (Switzerland) based specialist providing a daily work basis for scholars and practicing law professionals. The company offers a wide range of market information, scientific knowledge and services for all legal needs. Weblaw is a developer of automation and search technology, a specialized editor with a strong online and new media focus as well as a consulting company.


INTELLLEX's mission is to solve the legal practice's challenge of information overload through a cloud-based productivity suite. We have two products: 1. SOURCE- a legal search engine with curated content from common law jurisdictions 2. STACKS- an A.I. powered knowledge management tool that helps lawyers classify and organise their work intelligently, making it reproducible, searchable and machine-readable. Sign for free at

Libryo Ltd

The Libryo Platform enables compliance professionals to understand their organisation's legal obligations in any situation. The Libryo Platform’s context specific "Libryos" enable understanding of the specific regulatory sections which they face per context, for any topic, with plain language summaries per-section. This "section specific" precision leads to the previously impossible integration of operational risk and legal risk. Whether your management systems and risk assessments are Excel based or GRC software based, operational risk and legal risk can now be managed in an holistic manner.