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The first-ever automated child support payment platform.


Checkr seeks to automate the process of professional background checks.


Writora makes writing together better. Create a document and pick your team. See all changes made by anyone in one easy, intuitive view.


Wevorce offers web-based technology and a community of trained attorneys, counselors, and other experts to help couples divorce amicably. is a platform for startups & investors to easily create and share investor eligibility docs -- Now everyone can finally have paperwork OCD!


It's a web and mobile application that makes it easy to keep track of structural compliance requirements like probation officer fees, hearings, community service hours/confirmations, bail requirements and more.


A better way to learn the law.


Founded by a law firm partner and a Google search engineer, Lawyaw brings together a brilliant and diverse team of attorneys, computer scientists, social scientists, designers, linguists, and industry veterans to build the most intelligent, powerful, and intuitive drafting platform in the world.


Legalswipe informs people of their rights during interactions with police.

Legal Line

Legal information in Q&A format