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Companies in the Analytics category

Princeton Gavel, Inc.

Princeton Gavel uses artificial intelligence (AI) to discover the true value of legal cases, enabling attorneys to make optimal settlement decisions. In particular, Princeton Gavel’s software leverages natural language processing (NLP) and deep learning to process new cases, identify key legal issues, and produce a data-backed valuation of what a case is worth. The result is better decision making (maximizing settlements), improved intake processes (knowing which cases to take on) and increased intake efficiency (requiring less attorney time). It just doesn’t make sense to practice without it.


LegalSifter reviews contracts in a minute or two using artificial intelligence and the advice of a client’s lawyers and leaders. Clients start by uploading draft contracts that they are negotiating, particularly those written on other party’s paper. Sifters – software trained to read text that learns over time – review the draft contract and identify important legal and business concepts that demand attention or are missing entirely. The Sifters trigger Help Text, in-context advice tailored to the client’s business and negotiation position.

Ogayar Co.

We support law firms in employment & benefits law through big data and data analytics. We help reduce risks and subjectivity in negotiations and trials through use of most advanced technologies and tools. Thanks to our data driven focus and methodology, companies can take more efficient decisions in resource management, dismissals, agreements negotiations, variable compensation models, frauds and damages. Moreover, we support law firms during trials as experts and we run efficiently production optimization before and after M&As.

Prédictice SAS

Prédictice is a business intelligence solution dedicated to law professionals (law firms, in-house counsel). Using open data, machine learning and text analysis on case law, Prédictice offers for the first time a platform delivering smart analytic to support the law professional in the case law analysis process and in the trends and phenomena identification. Therefore Prédictice is a major competitive asset in the litigation conduct and negotiations process.


Everchron is a company dedicated to revolutionizing the way that lawyers use technology. A lawyer’s work goes far beyond review and production and Everchron is focused on solving day-to-day problems that lawyers face in managing key documents, facts and work product. Everchron’s collaborative case management software puts all your case critical information and analysis at your fingertips in a central workspace, accessible from anywhere.

Lit IQ

Our software scans legal documents for potential drafting errors. Think of it like a spell checker or grammar checker on steroids. Drafting errors have consequences—ranging from making the attorney look sloppy to creating loopholes that open up litigation. Many drafting oversights, such as semantic and syntactic ambiguities, are not easy for lawyers to catch but relatively straightforward with the help of technology.


We believe that companies and employees could achieve more than the current world will let them. We believe we should be part of making things move faster and better. This is why we have designed Lawgarithm, a high added-value, user friendly solution: using artificial intelligence and collaborative features, we allow companies to better prepare, review, negotiate, execute and manage their contracts.

RAVN Systems

RAVN Systems are experts in Artificial Intelligence, next generation Enterprise Search, Graph Search and Knowledge Management solutions. Their revolutionary technology allows firms to drive radical changes through the intelligent adoption and application of technology. Discover how our revolutionary technologies can improve margins, mitigate risk and ensure compliance with data retention policies.

Intraspexion Inc.

Litigating is a costly game where even winners are losers. The all-in cost is about $350,000 per case. Using Deep Learning algorithms, we've invented a patented software system so corporate counsel can see the risk of litigation in its own internal communications, e.g., emails. The ability to see the risk enables investigation and prevention. We have tiered pricing and we're just getting started.

ThoughtRiver Ltd.

ThoughtRiver addresses a fundamental problem for lawyers: you simply don’t know which part of a contract to focus on without reading it all. Our pre-screening tool understands the complex information present in a contract and compares your contractural positions against a bespoke playbook. This is rolled up into a single recommended action that a business user or lawyer can easily act upon.