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LegalOne Inc

LegalOne is the first fully digitalized law firm dedicated to automated contracts and smart contracts. It provides legal advice through fully digitalized processes. The goal is not to compete with existing law firms through advisory services, but rather to integrate said firms into the digital business model and the automation of legal products.


Built especially for landlords, WayToSettle provides online dispute resolution software that helps parties resolve their disputes.

JustResolve LLC

JustResolve conducts a simple, truth-focused method of investigation and analysis called that is driven by party-approved neutral judges, peers or experts, instead of dueling lawyers. JustResolve's innovative dispute resolution process (NDR) delivers real justice to businesses and individuals wherever the traditional adversarial process and advocacy are too expensive and inefficient. JustResolve is building an progressive community of adopters and advocates of this much-needed revolution for resolving disagreements swiftly, affordably, and collaboratively. More information can be found at


Linkedin+ for Legal Services and Dispute Resolution

Justice42 B.V.

Online divorce platform that guides people through all agreements they need to make together in order organise their divorce. Blended system of online intake, collaboration interface, assistance of casemanager and both online and offline contact with lawyers that check the agreements that people make and file the divorce at the court.


Human-Powered Smart Contract Dispute Resolution


Online dispute resolution platform.

Reasoning Technology

Reasoning Technology was founded in 2009 in Austin, Texas. Its mission is to bring high technology solutions to bear on the problems of litigation and mediation, especially for large corporate legal departments and large law firms. At this time Reasoning Technology is working with select early adopters, feel free to contact us if you think you may qualify.