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Find lawyers recommended by experienced entrepreneurs.

AdviceScene provides free legal answers from verified lawyers. For lawyers, provides the perfect online marketing tool


AdviseHub makes immigration and visas faster, easier and cheaper. Our platform is an end-to-end, client centered immigration planning and management system.


Advocatalog is a marketplace for lawyers which will make the legal sector more transparent and accessible to the consumer. It will offer access to lawyers from 10 Euros.


Be a hero to those you love


Online end-of-life planning platform.


Legal Education

Arrest SOS

The App That Gets You Out Of Jail.


It's a web and mobile application that makes it easy to keep track of structural compliance requirements like probation officer fees, hearings, community service hours/confirmations, bail requirements and more.


We replace small claims court with online arbitration for <$5-10K legal claims. In doing so we provide our customers with a quicker/better alternative to small claims court.