Adept Concept AS

We are there for companies that need assistance in establishing an effective system for regulatory follow-up. Our solution is for companies that see that integrating regulatory follow-up into daily operations instills confidence in both their own employees and external stakeholders. We exist for companies that realize that good management of the regulations contributes to both reduced costs and better competitiveness, and is an important prerequisite for future competitiveness. The core element of our software solution, Adept™, is the client’s specific Requirements Library. Relevant requirement documents are sourced from the central regulations database, which are subsequently allocated to relevant staff members for monitoring and auctioning. The solution offers excellent functionality designed to meet all needs; from simple free text searches to link-in to a dedicated in-house management system. Good overviews, oversight and reports that document compliance are a matter of course.


HeadquartersBergen, Norway
Tagsregulatory compliance, standards, saas, library, revisions, updates, changes, gap analysis, energy, oil and gas, construction

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