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Companies tagged with business intelligence

ipQuants AG

Innovation Analytics, Big Data, Legal Analytics


Vijilent provides a telemedicine platform for connecting patients with caregivers.

Justice Solutions Group

Private Investigations and Intelligence Firm

SEC Intelligence Inc.

SEC Intelligence turns the unstructured content of the SEC filings into poweful and usable information


Infolegale provides a legal information platform to monitor company solvency.

APARAVI Software Corp

Aparavi provides data intelligence, automation software and services that empower organizations with control and knowledge of their data


The Augmented Intelligence Agency

Sem Processo

Sem Processo provides legal solutions for companies.

Should I Sign

Should I Sign improves the way individuals and SMBs find, evaluate, communicate and transact with attorneys.


JUIT is a lawtech developing elegant technology so law practitioners do more in less time making data-driven decisions every day