Legal education app for criminal law


CategoryLegal Education
HeadquartersToronto, ON, Canada
Tags liz, app, legal rights, police, individuals, criminal
Target MarketIndividuals
Business ModelLegal Tech

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We've analyzed the details of hundreds of thousands of court cases from start to finish. Use our system to find out if hiring a private attorney gives you an edge in your case, as well as how judges rule and how cases resolve in order to determine what choices you can make to get the best results. Our attorney data portal provides detailed analytics to attorneys of aggregate court data, making achieving good results for their clients easier.

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Evichat is a tool for lawyers to efficiently collect, review, redact, and produce fully authenticated social-media and SMS evidence on-demand. Evichat was built with two people in mind, the lawyer, and the client. Our custodian self-collection tool allows clients to submit their social-media communications (Slack, FB Messenger, etc.) without giving up control of their mobile device. Please email us today for a demo:

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Researching criminal sentencing ranges

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Arrest SOS 

The App That Gets You Out Of Jail.

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Family law matter management

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