Legal Innovation Paris

The collective Legal Innovation Paris was created in 2012 by teachers and students of the Computer Science and Law.


CategoryLegal Education
HeadquartersParis, Ile-de-France, France
Tagslegal tech, software, legal, information technology, consulting


Related companies is an automatic generation Internet platform that manages legal documents and links with lawyers.

legal tech, legal, law enforcement, professional services, business development

Patdek Software 

Patdek Software is a web-based solutions that enables individuals to find, markup, and share patent documents.

legal tech, software, legal, enterprise software, intellectual property

GDPR Register 

GDPR compliance productivity tool

legal tech, saas, productivity tools


LawCloud offers an integrated library of user-friendly legal documents that makes legal easier and more efficient.

legal tech, legal, document management, finance, security, crowdfunding

Soloway Wright 

Soloway Wright is a community-based law firm that offers real estate, business, finance and securities.

legal tech, legal, commercial